Diego-Rasilla, F.J., Pérez-Mellado, V. & Pérez-Cembranos, A. (2017). Spontaneous magnetic alignment behaviour in free-living lizards. Sci Nat, 104: 13. doi:10.1007/s00114-017-1439-7

The evidence from this study suggests that free-living lacertid lizards exhibit magnetic alignment behaviour, since their body alignments cannot be explained by an effect of the sun’s position. On the contrary, lizard orientations were significantly correlated with geomagnetic field values at the time of each observation. We suggest that this behaviour might provide lizards with a constant directional reference while they are sun basking. This directional reference might improve their mental map of space to accomplish efficient escape behaviour. This study is the first to provide spontaneous magnetic alignment behaviour in free-living reptiles. leer más >>>

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